About the author:-

Joginder Rohilla is more of a dreamer, learner, leader, reader, traveller, explorer and changemaker than just being an IT professional.

About the book:-

@dreams is a journey of three youngsters about finding ways to achieve their dreams in college. It’s a story of love, laughter, friendship, struggle, inspiration and lifelong learning. It unfolds the maze of life through learning therapy to transform life in the direction of dreams.

Product information:-


Publication date: 1Dec 2014

Language: English

Package dimension: 21.8*14*1.8

Book length:226

ISBN-10: 8182535468

ISBN-13: 978-8182535466

Best sellers rank: 117139

My review:-

Title :  After receiving the book i saw the title. It was interesting one. One can easily attract to read this book by seeing the title. After observing the title one word came out from me ‘Awesome’. The author has choice wonderful title for this book to get attention from readers. I just jumped out to read the full story .

Cover: After reading the title i saw the cover photo. It was tremendous to analyse the book. It was perfect to describe the title. It was matched to the title. I was so excited to read it.

Blurb: Then i went through the full blurb to understand the fact containing the story. Though the blurb is little it was enough to understand the fact. But it would be better if the blurb would be extended a little more.

Storyline: After that i started to read the storyline. Though at first it was felt boring for me to read i continued. I got interest after coming middle portion of the story. It was fully college student life related story. Those who are engineering students would like the story more than others as it was a story of an engineering college and engineering students. Moreover it was a mixed package of love, romance, dreams, life and inspiration. This book can change your way of thinking. It can motivate you.  Each chapter contained inspirational quotes that can help one to be motivated. This book has changed the meaning of success. Success means satisfaction in our hearts. If you are satisfied with what you are doing now soon you are going to achieve the peak of success. You have to love your job what you are doing. I just loved those learning therapies contained the book.

Narration and grammar: This book has been written by using simple words. One can easily understand the meaning of each word. I didn’t find any error. It might be overlooked. But editing was awesome. The author did tremendous job to make this book completely perfect one. One can learn from here how to use proper grammar and article and make an appropriate sentence.

I would like to request to all youngsters to read this book for once to be motivated in life. Life isn’t boring or painful. You have to change your way of observing life. It’s a joyful game. You have to play it in a proper way. You have to find the solutions of all your problems yourself. You have to fight yourself against all troubles.

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