About the book:

or is it? Rick has a medical condition that makes his life different from the rest. But unlike others around him, he sees this not as a curse, but as an opportunity to cherish life and all the bitter-sweet gifts it brings with it.

Amidst frequent visits to the doctor, multiple surgeries that risk his very being, and a life that meant surveillance all the time, Rick has to fight for himself each day. But he pulls through, thanks to his family and friend Jacob, who become his pillars of strength.

And then, at a time when he is least excepting it, and with someone he meets by accident- love happens. It’s a new feeling for his heart and he is scared to lose it.

Will Lisa really understand the goodness of his heart or just walk away?

Inside the heart of hope is a story of strong will, perseverance and optimism which will make you wonder if sky is really the limit.

About the author:

Rishabh Puri believes that determination can take one to great heights in business and personal life. A man of many talents – a writer, poet and artist-he believes that one always has a choice to turn any situation into victory.

Driven by curiosity and the hunger to learn, he loves to meet new people and explore the world. He has always been fascinated by the power of the mind. He is quite a comic himself and enjoys the occasional dose of sitcoms and movies. He likes a good book once in a while and manage to whip up quite a storm in the kitchen.

My reviews:

Title:- After receiving the book i saw the title. It touched my heart. As i like to read love story very much after watching the title i was excited to read. I just jumped over it to complete the book fully.

Cover:- After that i observed the cover of this book. It’s good, matched with the title. One can easily understand after observing the cover that it’s an interesting story to be read. I couldn’t stay without starting reading this book from just next moment after observing the cover. It attracted me a lot.

Story:- I completed reading within two hours. It was a romantic, inspirational and learnable story. It was narrated by first person. we can learn from this story that some of our injuries in our life can be cured by love, hope and affection.  We can learn from here how to tackle problems in our life and how to be happy in life. Moreover it’s a story of emotional attachment. The things that come on our way, depends on our perceptions. It teaches us if we believe in ourselves we can do anything. Disability is just a word. If anyone is called by that word he or she shouldn’t care to that particular word because everyone has the ability to do anything. Just he or she must believe his or her inner power. If you are disable then you must have a special power than normal people. Life is much beyond of limitations. There’s no cage of limitation in life. You have to be patience. If you fail after doing hard work don’t lose your hope. Hope makes life meaningful. If you have hope in your life you have a meaning to live.

Grammar and narration:- The author has done tremendous job in case of writing this book. It was amazingly written. You can say  exceptional one. The author has used simple words so that one can easily understand the meaning of each word. Sentence-formation is good. The author has maintained rules of grammar and article. Moreover it’s nice.

Characters:- Author has characterized all characters well. I love all characters. Specially Rick , this character can teach us a strong learning therapy that is we should not give up while doing anything in our lives. If we have patience we can get success. But we have to wait for achieving this success.


Blurb:- 4/5.




Grammar and narration:-4/5.



One can purchase the book from the below link

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