Book Review: It’s Got To Be Love By Prashant Kaul

Cover: At first I saw the cover of this book. It was awesome and attractive. One can easilyWhatsApp Image 2017-12-17 at 11.54.56 AMbe forced to pay attention to this book by its cover. One can guess about the content by observing the cover. I liked the cover very much.

Title: The title of this book matched to its cover. The title spoke its story. It’s a catchy title. It showed a lucid vision on the readers’ mind that this book was going to be a tale on love.

Blurb: After that I read the blurb portion. It was enough to understand what would be inside the book. The blurb portion was well-written and edited well so that one can make out easily. It’s adorable. It’s short and nice.

Storyline: Author has done a great job by creating this story. The content could be edited well. There was a major flaw in editing. There were spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, which should have looked at properly. Moreover it was narrated good so that one can read easily and understand the meaning of this story. Author has used simple words. In one word, it was wonderful to read. The story was based on romance, friendship and emotion. The novel stands for the turmoil of Dev’s love life. It also depicts the friendship between Dev, Amrish and Vikram. The plot is nice but the story seemed to lose grip at some places.

Characterization: The characterization has been done quite well. All the characters were relatable. Dev is the protagonist of the tale and Vaani is the female protagonist. Dev was bestowed with Vikram and Amrish as his besties. Dev was charmed by a college girl, Carol.

The book is not just about love, it has various other human emotions too. The most common topics of love and friendship have been expressed in this book. These topics connect instantly with the readers and so did this book. This book completely does justice to the title and keeps the readers engaged in the book. It is hard to put this one down.


Cover: 4/5

Title: 4/5

Blurb: 5/5

Storyline: 3/5

Characterization: 4/5

Overally: 3.5/5


About the author: WhatsApp Image 2017-12-17 at 10.25.34 PM

Prashant Kaul is a vivid thinker and dreamer. He started writing four years ago, and this is his first novel. His love for cinema inspired him to write this beautiful love story. He loves to blog and has written several short stories too. He works for an NBFC in Chandigarh. Besides writing, he loves to read books and watch movies.




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