About the book:

Welcome to Love Never Dies, a story about Nikshay and Mishika who study in the same college: first enemies, then friends, then lovers, then problems. This is how the story goes. The guy who did not get a chance to say a few loving words to the girl he loves, continued to love her. The heady mix of the confused guy, an emotional girl, college days and love in these times, but circumstances went against them. The girl married another guy, but never stopped loving the first man. The story essays a great example of love and friendship, and is an emotional love story with a bit of humor and a moral for parents!

About the author:

Sneha Sah was born in Bihar. She has been fond of writing since childhood. She began writing rather early, while she was still a student. She has written three novels, eight short stories and ten pieces of poetry so far. This is her first book that has managed to find a platform after a lot of struggle.

Currently, she is an Assistant Manager in Central Bank Of India, but still finds time to nurture her dreams of being a successful writer and expresses her feelings through her writing.

Product information:

Publisher:- Notion Press.

Publication date:- 1 Jan 2016

Language:- English.

Book length:- 124

ISBN-10:- 1946436054

ISBN-13:- 978-1946436054

Best sellers rank:- 143661

My review:

Cover: The cover of the book is nice. It has matched to the title of the book. I rated it 4.5/5.

Character: Characters are characterized well in this novel. I liked those characters. Moreover there came a real type of feeling in my mind while reading those characters characterized in this novel. I rated it 4.5/5.

Title: The title of the novel is awesome. I liked it very much. It reflects the whole story. I rated it 4.5/5.

Storyline: The storyline is good. One can easily understand the whole fact while reading this novel. The starting and the ending of the story are nice. The author has used simple words while describing the whole story so that one can easily read it and understand the meaning.  I rated it 4/5.

Grammar and Errors: I couldn’t find any error or grammatically mistake in this novel. May be I overlooked. But I rated it 4/5.

Message: The story containing the novel really gives us a practical message that is Love Never Dies. I rated it 4.5/5.

Overall: I rated it 4.5/5.

Well according to me, love is a positivity thought, love is braveness, moreover love is a pillar of reaching the peak of success, love is a inspiration by which one can stand up oneself from defeating many times, indeed love is a feeling of respect and blessing.

On the other hand, suppose there’s a rose plant in a garden. Three roses are there in the plant. You are passing by the garden. Suddenly you see the rose plant and you like one rose flower from the three rose flowers as that particular one rose’s beauty attracted you towards it. You couldn’t stay but say, ‘It’s a beautiful creation of God.’ But you didn’t cut it and separate it from the plant. This is love.

After getting the book at first I saw the title. The title made me clear about the story containing the novel. The title touched my heart so that I was so interested to read it out quickly. After that I looked the cover photo of the novel. It attracted me to continue my reading. I took only 3 hours to read this novel. It was an amazing story. Moreover it was a practical one. Now days it occurs. Love is a precious gift of God. This gift is distributed among two appropriate love birds. Though it is not possible to marry or to stay together for each other, they don’t forget to love each other. Love remains same in their hearts. It is the definition of the love which I realized from this novel.

I would like to thank Ms. Sneha Sah for gifting us such kind of amazing story containing novel. I would like to request to all to read this novel for once. It will help you to understand the appropriate meaning of love. 

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