About the book:

The biggest dream in Naveen’s life, at this point, is to get Jessica attracted to him. Stunningly beautiful and incredibly proud, Jessica is his millionaire boss’s daughter; and Naveen believes that the chances of her falling for an ordinary, middle-class guy such as him are miniscule, unless….

….they are both locked up together, in a romantic setting, isolated from the outside world. So an obsessed Naveen hires goons to nab Jessica, fake his own kidnapping and keep them both as hostages in a rented, plush villa in Aldona village. The motive is disguised as ransom.

While Naveen tries to make quality time with the terrified Jessica, he notices that the villa has some of its own secrets that could annihilate his chances. The house happens to be a location for a horror video-prank set up by two mischievous boys from Mumbai, and is bugged with all sorts of gadgetry and ghoulish props.

What happens next is pure adventure that leaves Naveen to his wit’s end. Will everything go in accordance with Naveen’s carefully laid-out plan? Or will he end up in jail? To find out more, do check out this page-turner of an exciting romantic thriller that will make you go “Oh My Goddess!”

About the author:

Rohan Govenkar is a self-taught creative writer who has taken to writing not as profession, but as passion. After having completed his education in Geological sciences in Goa, he joined the family business of retail and distribution. Simultaneously, he took up a challenge of learning three subjects of his interests all by himself, sans the formal education, and the only by referring to books. The first subject was Business Management and the second one was the Stock Market. Creative writing was the third one which he pursued at later stages, after the discovery of his real passions. Another subject that he concerns himself with is his home-state, Goa, and he remains pro-active with many social matters pertaining to Goa.

Product information:

Publisher: BruteGorilla

Publication date: 1 Jan 2017

Language: English

Book length: 292

ISBN-10: 9385699148


Best Sellers Rank:72325

My review:

Title: The title of this novel is “Oh My Goddess”. At first when I saw the title I astonished. Generally we say OMG (Oh My God). But here is different Oh My Goddess. Then I thought it might be a mythological story as it was named Oh My Goddess. I liked the title very much as I thought it would be a great chance for me to read a new type of story that could change the thought, the difference between Oh My God and Oh My Goddess and teach me an interesting lesson. So after observing the title I was very interested to read it completely at a very quick time. Then I jumped for reading it with concentration.

I rated it 5/5.

Cover photo: Then I looked at the cover photo of this novel. After observing the title there was another thought going on my mind but after looking at the cover photo my thought had been changed. It looked like a comedy story as there were pictured three or four characters on the cover photo really looking like a comedy scene.

On the other hand another thought was coming about the story that was the story might be a romance genre.

But I liked the cover photo of this novel very much because one couldn’t understand after observing the cover photo what the story would be run until or unless he or she reads the full story.

I rated it 4/5.

Story: After that I started reading the story containing the novel. There were three parts.

First part, there were two mischievous boys. They were from Mumbai. They were jobless. Their names were- Jackie and Kalpesh. They were thinking how to earn money from a different idea. So they started making prank videos thinking to earn a lot of money in future. They made prank videos and uploaded on YouTube. But their dreams couldn’t be fulfilled to earn huge money from making prank videos and uploading those on YouTube. So they thought another different idea to make huge money. They decided to make a full length movie. It was their last chance to make their dreams fulfill.

On the other hand, Naveen completed his studies. Atlaf bhai helped him in case of his studies and getting job. Atlaf bhai had a strong connection with underworld don Sudhakar Shetty. Atlaf bhai helped him to get a job in a rich firm named ZAVERI GEMS INTERNATIONAL LTD where he met his college days crush Jessica. Soon he came to know that Zavier’s daughter would take over the business and her name was Jessica.  

Second part, Kalpesh and Jackie had already made a plan for shooting their last hope. They decided it would be a horror movie. So they needed a particular horror place for making their dream fulfill. They hired two prostitutes as actresses. They found a villa for shooting with the help of Parviz. They went there for shooting but suddenly due to a circumstance they had to leave the place and stop the shooting.

On the other hand, Naveen came to know it was the same girl whom he would love in his college days. He had fallen much more love with her than before college days. He decided to get her back in his life. He made a plan of kidnapping her. He asked help from Atlaf bhai and Sudhakar Shetty. Naveen’s plan had been accepted by them. As per the plan they kidnapped Jessica and kept the same villa where the horror movie by Jakie and Kalpesh was going on. But unfortunately Jakie and his team left the villa already before arriving Jessica there in kidnapped situation.

Third part, Kalpesh and Jakie got into trouble because the two actresses whom they hired were prostitutes. On the other hand, Naveen and Jessica were released. But Dexter and his family were in critical situation.

Moreover the third part directed the story towards the conclusion. It is a nice story to be read. I rated it 5/5.

Characters: Characters are characterized here nicely.

KALPESH, a boy who shoots prank videos and upload those in YouTube for making huge money.

JAKIE, friend of KALPESH who has the same dream what KALPESH has.

NAVEEN, a protagonist who has fallen in love with his college day crush.

JESSICA, daughter of NAVEEN’S boss who is kidnapped.

Atlaf bhai, a person who has a strong connection with an underworld don helps NAVEEN in case his studies and getting job.

SUDHAKAR SHETTY, a person who is an underworld don helps NAVEEN to make his kidnapping plan success.

I rated the characterization 5\5.

Writing style and grammar: Mr. Rohan Govenkar has written the story well. His writing style is too good. Though there are three plots in the story it will not be difficult to understand all incidents. The story is as simple to understand as it looks. The book is nicely edited also. I haven’t found any grammar mistake. May be I have overlooked a little mistakes. The author has used simple words so that one can understand the story easily.

I rated it 4/5.

Overall: I rated it 5/5.

It was a nice story. The end of the story was not being expected like this but it was good. Sometimes this proverb goes on “What cannot be cured must be endured.” If you don’t read the full story you can’t understand who the main culprit is. The story is mixed with full of twists and unexpected facts. Readers would fall in love with this book.

At the end I would like to thank Mr. Rohan Govenkar for gifting us such a nice book.

You can purchase the book from the below link:

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