About the blurb:

One misty night, a young writer was travelling from Kalka to Mumbai in train. He was enjoying his cold journey when a young beautiful woman entered his compartment. To pass time, she offered to tell him a story. He hesitated firstly but agreed later.

The rest of the night, she told him a story about a woman who never wanted to kill her husband but ended up murdering him.

So, what was the reason behind murdering him? Let’s find out…

About the author:

Just out of school, Amay began to write. For a start, he wrote short pieces and circulated among friends. Then he wrote short novels and gave it for private circulation. While reading the writings of recent past, he took fancy for the world of supernatural. As he explored deeper into the subject his imagination began to run riot.

The Death Story will share you and will leave you confused!

Product information:

Publisher:- Partridge India

Publication date:- 4 Nov 2016

Language:- English

Book length:- 200

ISBN-10:- 1482886332

ISBN-13:- 978-1482886337

Best sellers rank: 392768

My review:

Title:- When I saw the title of this novel I was very excited to read it. I didn’t waste so many times to start reading. The title touched my heart. I wanted to know what the content carried inside the novel. At first I thought it would be only a horror story. It was an unusual title which the author used. It would attract readers to this novel.

I rated it 4.5/5.

Cover:- After observing the title I went to observe the cover photo of the book. It was terrible cover photo with black colour indicating the unseen and unknown power that resist evil’s existence in this world. There’s a picture on the cover photo of the novel that might be ghost’s photo. Children might be frightened by this photo. But it was attractive for horror story readers. After watching this cover photo anyone can understand it’s a horror story.

I rated it 4/5.

Storyline:- Then I started reading the story containing the novel. I took only two hours to complete it. It was a chilling story with a good twist. Moreover it’s a horror and thriller story. Always there was a suspense in each chapter.

Neha and Ashish was married couple. Finally they shifted to their dream home which was built on a land that was gifted by Neha’s grand father, Alok Rajput. But there were happening some unusual incidents that weren’t described. At first Neha realized the presence of one another invisible person in their dream home. Sometimes that invisible person talked to her. Neha tried hard to make Ashish understand the fact but he didn’t realize it. But Neha understood very well that the house was haunted and someone was there who didn’t want them to stay there.

Riya and Suresh, the members of their society even warned them not to stay there. They also tried to make Ashish understand it’s not a safe place for them as they heard haunting stories about that land. Neha and Ashish faced the worst part of their lives. On the other hand Ashish was murdered by his own wife, Neha unintentionally.

The story leaded to a flashback. Alok rajput and his friend Vikrant crack a famous psychopath case. This created all troubles there.

It was an awesome story to be read. It was a mixed package of love, hatred, horror and suspense. After reading blurb I understood it was a confusion story with supernatural black power. That’s why I really excited to read it completely very quickly.

I rated it 4.5/5.

Characters: – All the characters are characterized very well. I liked these characters well.

Neha , wife of ashish , killed her husband.

Ashish, husband of Neha who was killed by Neha.

Alok Rajput, grandfather of Neha who gifted the land where dream home of Neha and Ashish was constructed.

Riya and Suresh, members of the society where Neha and Ashish lived in their dream home.

I rated 4/5.

Grammar and errors:- This novel was written by using very easy words so that one could understand the meaning very well. But there were some errors which I observed. This book could have been edited better. Grammar mistakes were there also. If publisher would have worked more on that book editing it would be more interesting.

I rated 3/5.

Overall: – I rated 4/5.

At the end I would like to thank Mr. Amay Saxena for writing such kind of story. I shall wait for his next novel. Wish you good luck for your future journey.

One can purchase the book from the below link

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