Book Review: Let Love Be Weird By Divyesh Mungra

Book Name – Let Love Be Weired

Author – Divyesh Mungra

Publisher – Pengo Publications India

Publication Date –  5 Dec 2017

Book Length – 180

Language – English



The cover is good but it could have been more attractive. The book cover should be like what readers can be attracted to it. It defines it is a love story. In cover, there is one man who has put his one leg down to the earth by holding a heart shaped thing in his hands and there is a woman standing in front of him and another man keeps standing behind the woman carrying his heart too seems his heart is coming out from his body and behind that scene a town is reflected hazily.



The title is catchy. It can attract readers to read this book. The title has been matched with the cover very well. It defines the story inside the book seems a love story carrying beautiful message and the story must be related to some responsibilities. After reading this one can guess it easily.



The blurb portion could have been better. It is short but well edited. Author could have used lucid language in this blub portion so that one can understand about the story and can relate with the story before reading the story.



The story is awesome. It examines love under the shadow of strange and completely new dramatic light. It is mainly a suspense story but love is related to it. Author has done a great job by creating this story. While reading this story it can be felt something  is being hid. If any reader starts to read this story he or she will not stay for a break without ending the story.



All characters are characterized well here. Author has tremendous job while establishing characters in this story. The main protagonist, Shama is desperate to gift a happy moment to her father. Siddharth is a self- made boy. He suddenly enters in the life of Shama.



The story has been narrated and edited well. Author has used lucid language to describe the story. Grammar and article has been used properly in this story. Beautiful narration of this story takes it to an another level of its success.

Thanks to the author, Divyesh Mungra for creating this awesome story and providing us an opportunity to read it. I would like to recommend this book to those readers who love to read a story carrying love, suspense, friendship, responsibility and romantic masala.


Overall Ratings: 4/5.

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About the Authorauthor-3

Dr. Divyesh Mungra is a contemporary Indian author, young lyricist and former scientist. He chose to attend the long pending call of his heart, ending his stint in Medicinal chemistry research and development after achieving PhD and post-PhD degrees. As a scientist, he has worked with some giant organizations such as Lupin Pharma and Nanjing University. He published ten scientific research papers in journals of international repute.
He also has credits of writing Lyrics for television shows – Om Shanti Om (Star Bharat Channel), Shakti (Colours Channel), Billu Ustaad (movie), Fiza-e-Ishq music album, 24 Carats Mithai Magic’s advertisement jingle song and many more.
He immersed himself in honing his creative side and now revels in it.

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Shama is desperate to gift a happy moment to her father, before his third heart attack.
She has kept her father’s words in her heart- “Make a life, my daughter, make a life.”
She uses her beauty as a weapon to climb the ladder of her life.
But, does she really understand her father’s words?
Siddharth is a self made boy, who believes in making his own path even if he has to manipulate the people around him. He gets involved in the dirty business of erotic audio stories. He records three unmistakably powerful short stories titled- lust, love and friendship.
He enters Shama’s life and starts making her the girl of his dreams. Is he able to change Shama’s way of looking at life?
Come, listen to Shama, to know whether she could gift that happy moment to her father?
On time? Or not?
Through a web of weird and unconventional ideas, is the blurred destination realized?


Book Reviewer – Arpan Ghosh [ Chief Editor Of Pens N Paper]


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