Book Review: The Weekend By Lovely Sharma

Book Name – The WeekendThe Weekend by [Sharma, Lovely ]

Author – Lovely Sharma

Publisher – Author Paradise

Publication date – 1 Jan 2017

Language – English

Book Length – 133



The cover is so attractive. It can attract readers easily to its. There are two human beings- a woman has sat on a seat and one man is standing beside her, the girl seems to look disappointing by her face and the man looks like standing with his arrogant attitude.



It depicts the story behind the book is totally related to a holiday. It is meaningful. Though the title has not been matched with the cover, it is interesting. No one can guess about the story after observing the title. On other hand it can be beneficial readers can pay their attention to the content for not understanding the meaning of the title and not relating with the cover.



The blurb portion could have been better. It has not been edited well. The meaning of the blurb portion is clear. One can guess a little bit about the story inside the book after reading the blurb.



It is a story based on love, friendship and romance. The story is all about one weekend when Deepak and Akshya eventually meet each other in a train. They stays at same hotel. As the story goes on they are well-known to each other and come closer to each other. Authoress has penned down well the chemistry between Deepak Shukla and Akshya Shah. The concept behind this story is appreciable. But it could have been written well. The plot is good.



Authoress could have penned down all characters well. The main protagonist Akshya Shah runs to never look back at the disaster that happens. She is a modern girl with broad mind. The other main protagonist Deepak Shukla is the son of a big businessman. The several characters in flashback can be irritated for readers.



Authoress has used lucid language so that one can understand the meaning of the story. But there are several grammatical errors in the story making the glory of the story lower. It has not been edited well. It could have been narrated well too.


Overall Ratings: 3/5



Underneath the rich spoilt brat, lies a broken heart.
Underneath the attitude of a bitch, lies a lost friendship.
This is strictly not a love story, but made of many small ones. It is a story happening over generations of bygone traditions and beliefs that still run deep in our society. The society that loves as well as fears the same things.
As Akshya Shah runs to never look back at the disaster that happens, she collides with Deepak Shukla. While Akshya is running away from her future which has been set in stone by her parents, Deepak is running towards his aspirations set and supported by his parents.
In a world of pretence, both are wanting to be grounded. It is a chemical reaction uniquely qualified to be tested. Friday brings down the pretences, but what will Monday morning bring?




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