Talk Show With Ms. Aiman Parween, The Author Of Her Wounds Hurt Him

Welcome to my talk show. I’m Arpan Ghosh.Today Ms. Aiman Parween is along with me in this show. She is the author of “Her Wounds Hurt Him” , Novella. She is a poet as well.

“ My life is a mess I get confused whether it’s a life or God is giving me free rollercoaster ride.”- Ms. Aiman Parween.

Thank you very much for participating in this show. Let’s have a chat.

(1)Tell me about your journey from a normal person to an author.

  •  My journey from normal person to author isn’t really very interesting. I started writing with some liner poem and with age lines kept increasing and I wrote a novel and now I am in front of you with my latest novel.

(2) What is your latest book? Please explain briefly about main characters of that book. Does that book carry any message to the society? If yes what is this?

  • My latest book Her wounds hurt him is a story based on a rape survivor.  She suffered depression and lost 4 years of her life. And then her dance partner taught her they way of life and she again stood up and fought back with proud. And the message is also the same that rape is just an accident like a car accident. And like in a car accident person gets injured just like that in rape body gets injured but after that the fear of society breaks the soul. And this is where we need to change until and unless we will show that rape can destroy someone’s life. It would never stop. The day everyone guy will understand that a rape can never destroy the girl’s life and future, from that day rape cases will go down.

(3) How do you take criticism from your critics? Is criticism helpful for you?

  • Luckily I didn’t get any criticism of my book ye but frankly I am very bad with dealing criticism. If someone will judge my work and will say something I would go to my mother then she has to handle me. And it’s her job to encourage me after every negative reaction.

(4) What is ‘SUCCESS’ according to you? Do you believe in luck? Please explain.

  • Inner peace is the biggest success to achieve. No money or awards can give you the satisfaction until you don’t have inner peace. And about luck it’s like love, air and sprits. If someone finds it they believe it. If someone don’tfind it they don’t believe it.

(5)    Do you have any message to your fans? Please tell.

  • I don’t think I have any fans till now but to everyone who have read my book, thanks a lot and will try to write better than this.

(6) What do you mean by ‘MODERN SOCIETY’? Do you believe we should be modern by all sides to develop our society? Please explain.

  • Modern society doesn’t defined by the no. of gadgets people use of how well literate they are, but more than anything we need a broad mind  a big heart to forget everything and accepting everyone with open arms.

(7) Would you like to tell us about your daily life? Without writing could you live for one day?

  • Like every Indian girl I also have a normal life. Eat sleep and repeat and if gets the time then definitely write. And yes I can live without writing.

(8) What do you think about the competition going on everywhere? Is there competition going to become a successful author? Please explain.

  • I wont prefer to say anythingon becoming the top author. Because writing Is a work of soul and at least in this profession we should work for self satisfaction rather than working on people’s demand. We should make people read what they should read not what they want to read.

(9) If I ask you to explain your name in one sentence what will be your answer?

  • My name is an Arabic word and it means fairy of blessings and strength so it the explanation of my name.

(10) What would you say about your latest book if readers ask you whay they would read your written book?

  • It’s  based on Indian society and the mind set of people, I have always heard from my mother that people don’t realize their mistakes until they don’t see others doing the same mistakes, may be we Indians love pointing out others mistake. So I request readers to point out mistakes of the characters and then analyze did they done anything same in their life. If yes then ask your self was that right, if your soul says no than try to change your self. And be the person your soul want you to be.

At the end I would like to say thanks and please give this a book a try.

Thank you very much for providing us your valuable time. Your noble thoughts will motivate to aspiring authors. I would request all readers to read her book for once and give feedback to her book so that she can get encouragement to write more.


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