Welcome to my talk show. Today Mr. Tushar Janjalkar is along with me in this show. I’m very

happy to have him in my show. Thank you very much for participating in this show. He is a mechanical engineer by profession and an author by choice. He’s a dreamer mainly. He belongs to Mumbai. He is the author of his debut novel “CONTROL-The treacherous moon”. Let’s have a chat.

(1)Tell me about your journey from a normal person to an author.

From childhood, storytelling is something I enjoy a lot. I have a bad habit of getting lost in a story or incident while expressing it to others, animating the incident I’m telling.

First I started enjoying reading books, then I started appreciating author’s work and while appreciating, I unknowingly started feeling envious about their work and then after almost two and half years’ hardwork..I became an author.

(2)What is your latest book? Please explain briefly about main characters of that book. Does that book carry any message to the society? If yes what is this?

My latest book, my debut novel is‘CONTROL-The treacherous moon’. This book is an amalgamation of suspense, thrill, romance, and sci-fi.

‘Control’ has a strong female protagonist named Dr. Disha, a neuroscientist working in a Neurological Research Center, New York. Though she’s an NRI, she hasn’t forgotten India. She’s strong, fearless, while at the same time she is vulnerable. While she has her own reasons to held her head high, she’s guilty for her deeds too. Even after being a Neurologist, she fails to understand the reasons behind her own weird behavior and the incidents happening around her. Her real struggle begins when she realises that it’s not only her life but her peoples are also under threat and she secretly sets out to uncover the mystery all by herself.

And the male protagonist is NYP detective JOHN. He’s brave, dynamic, a perfect guy with some imperfection. He’s under pressure, both personally and personally as his case has become a mystery and is affecting the diplomatic relations between India and America and it is also causing a threat to his love, Dr.Disha and alongside, her security has become his priority.

Another important character is Alex, John’s colleague and his best friend who can’t help but feel that Disha’s retaining important information, something John’s ignorant about due to his feelings for her.

Yes, Book has a very important message for our society and I have ensured to convey it through the story instead of directly telling it.

Message from the book is as follow-

Every day, we are facing many troubles such as Terrorism, disputes between countries and our inland, internal quarrels, discriminations , and riots. All these disputes and battles cause pain and harm to everyone, and it doesn’t matter whether who wins it or lose it, for it affects everyone. So it is time to think about how less we gain through all these battles and comparatively how much we lose.

It is time to quit the unnecessary attempts to CONTROL each other and to remember the message, which was given to us many years ago…


This whole word is my family and we all are the children of that one great God…

(3)How do you take criticism from your critics? Is criticism helpful for you?

Just like a character doesn’t know his own story and has to explore it throughout the journey, an author doesn’t know his abilities and chances of improvements until he goes through the reviews. I’m open to suggestions from my readers and critics as I often found them helpful.

(4)What do you say to the budding writers for the betterment of their writing?

I’m also an aspiring author, but while working on my debut novel, I have learned few important lessons which I would like to share with fellow aspiring authors. Patience and passion are two most important things when it comes to doing any creative work. Being an author, we always ensure the hardest journey for our protagonist, then how can we expect an easy way in our real life? So just like our protagonist, we also need to struggle throughout the journey to make our story worth reading.

And while chasing your dream of becoming a good author, be careful as there are many people who are waiting to take advantage of your dreams and your excitement.

(5)What is ‘SUCCESS’ according to you? Do you believe in luck? Please explain.

For me success is overcoming my own fears, my insecurities. We often experience that day by day change, that improvement we feel about our self, our behaviour, our mistakes and the way we deal with our mistakes and that wisdom we gain with time, that’s what I feel the success is.

I don’t feel that success is any kind of destination, it’s just like a level of thegame, once we complete one level, there’s another level waiting for us and with every level, we keep on improving and gaining throughout the journey.

If you ask me about ‘LUCK’ then I think MARE LUCK is just a COINCIDENCE, it won’t happen often and if we keep working and keep going, we can beat luck.

(6)Do you have any messages for your fans? Please tell.

Fan! Well, I’m yet to experience that author moment when someone will tell me that I’m your fan or ask for an autograph. But yes, I often receive messages and emails from my readers that they’ve enjoyed my work and would like to read more from me and it really makes me feel great and I want to tell them that I’m very thankful to them and KEEP READING Me AND PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO REVIEW AND RECOMMEND THE BOOK WHICH YOU’VE TRULY ENJOYED.

(7)What do you mean by ‘MODERN SOCIETY’? Do you believe we should be modern by all sides to develop our society? Please explain.

The word ‘MODERN’ itself explains the betterment, improvement in an existing thing relating to present time. We humans have evolved from our ancestors through the modernisation and the same is applicable to our society.

My meaning of MODERN SOCIETY ( modern not only by clothes or daily habits but by thinking and by conscience) is the society in which people will focus on actual improvement in various fields instead of providing temporary comforts to the ones who can afford. The society where people will think and will have their own opinion instead of echoing others’ prominent voices. And at the same time, they’ll be ready to ponder over each other’s opinions and to respect it even though they do not agree with each other.But to develop our society in the true form of modernisation, every stratum of society should have involvement in it and at the same time every stratum should provide mutual help, time and should do genuine efforts for the modernisation of our society in the true form.

(8) How do you get the idea of characters to write a book? Are they imaginary or related to real life? Please explain.

I don’t know exactly how I get the idea of characters for my book. In my case, my characters and my story, both compliment each other. Characters behave in a particular way because they’re in a particular situation and they’re in a particular situation because they had behaved in a particular way and I love to explore these complexities of human nature and behavior and this is how I develop my characters.

Disha, John, Alex and every character from my story is imaginary. Their world is completely different from the people we meet, but at the same time, they’re the one we know and have qualities which can relate to the qualities of the people we know. Being an author or reader if we observe around carefully in our daily life, we often come across many people which are more interesting than any fictional character or we can relate our favorite characters with them. Disha’s emotional dilemma, the unexpressed vulnerability of a strong man who’s love is in danger shown by John or a true friendship shown by Alex, all these characters have some motivation from real life people.

(9) What do you think about the competition going on everywhere- is there going on competition going on to become a successful author? Please briefly explain.

Yes, there’s competition everywhere. Even though we stopped for while, the world won’t wait for us and there’s no option to competition. But I think while running in this race, while competing with the world, we should respect our own pace and we should compete with ourself too.

Off course! There’s a huge competition to become a successful author. We have very talented authors both in English and from regional languages and our literature is huge and I know that I have to learn a lot and it’s just a beginning.

(10) If I ask you to explain your name in one sentence what will be your answer?

Well, this is a tricky question and I’m thankful to you for asking this as I had never really pondered over my name before this. Tushar means water drops, mist or shower.

(11) What would you say about your latest book if readers ask you why they would read your written book?

Do you like interestingly complex characters and their twisted stories with good logical reasons? Would you like to explore human emotions, relation,mind, and brain? If YES..then please go for ‘CONTROL-The treacherous moon’. As I already told you, This book is an amalgamation of suspense, thrill, romance and sci-fi with some real life incidents that are related to the diplomatic relations between India and USA.

Brain, mind, and emotions always excite me. Our brain especially our emotions are very complex and This novel, this whole journey commencedwith the idea of exploring complexities of human emotions, nature and the reasons behind the behaviorof a person in a particular situation.

I personally love complex characters and stories, twists and turns. I wanted to write a story which has it’s own complete world in it but at the same time I wanted its connection with the real world and all these things inspired me to write a complex story and after continues efforts of almost two years ‘Control- The treacherous moon’ got completed.

And also wouldn’t you want to know why the subtitle of the book is ‘The treacherous moon’? and how the moon can be treacherous? so please go for it…

Thank you very much for sharing your noble thoughts to us . Your thoughts are really helpful for budding authors. Aspiring authors can be motivated by him. Wish you best of luck for your future.


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