Welcome to my talk show. I’m Arpan Ghosh. Rainy season has come already to our country. Now it

is preparing itself to make an empire in all over the India. We should welcome this season. Summer heated us with its hot nature and too much sunshine. Now Rainy Season came to decrease our body’s temperature and make feel us comfortable with secreting rains from the sky. Today Ms. Diana Ch. is along with us in this show. She is the author of “LOVIN’ A HERO”. She is a writer as well as blogger and editor. Welcome Ms. Diana Ch in this talk show. Let’s start a chat.

(1)Tell me about your journey from a normal person to an author.

Ans: I was and always have been a person with average interests in everything. I have never overdone anything or overachieved. But to be an author, all it took was an epiphany. It’s not been a long journey to this realisation, but when it did, it erupted like a volcano. Writing something was never in the cards for me, and like many things that keep happening in my life as a matter of sheer surprise…this too came along and I embraced it with all the emotions that moved me.

(2)What is your latest book? Please explain briefly about main characters of that book. Does that book carry any message to the society? If yes what is this?

Ans: My latest book is called LOVIN’ A HERO, it’s a rom-com with a pinch of philosophy on life

and relationships. My characters in the novel are quite relatable, especially to the woman Aditi. You will find an Aditi in you because we have all been through the phase of withdrawal syndrome through relationships that died premature deaths or relationships that were not quite meant to be there for us. And, tackling yourself in such a scenario is almost equivalent to trying to douse the fire with your bare hands. Aditi has withdrawn herself from the human society because she doesn’t want to get hurt again or she has lost the faith in love. This book is special not only because it has a raging romance in it but also it teaches the reader that love finds its ways to come to you. We find our destiny in the most unexpected ways, we should only have the faith and patience to see the mystery and the route unfold. 

Lovin A Hero also talks about parent-children relationship, how protectiveness can be easily misunderstood and problematically handled. The message that this book carries that there is goodness in every bitter experience that refines your choices and knowledge. Its upto you to find the hidden humour and laugh and live life.

(3)How do you take criticism from your critics? Is criticism helpful for you?

Ans: Criticisms are the best teachers and constructive criticisms work wonders to encourage a writer to improve and innovate. If constructive criticisms are given, then writers will be motivated to pursue better works.

(4)What do you say to the budding writers for the betterment of their writing?

Ans: Every writer has a Muse. I will say, be loyal to your Muse. Appreciate inspiration and consideration. We need to think and work on the lines of reformative arts and co-create literature that our generation will enjoy and our future generation will look up to. So, let’s bend our aspirations towards that direction.

(5)What is ‘SUCCESS’ according to you? Do you believe in luck? Please explain.

Ans: Success is the appreciation that you get for the work that you do. I measure my success in terms of the people I earn rather than the material I achieve. During the time of your struggle, if you meet good people who are true to you and believe in you and they help you generate that same faith and love, then that’s success. You cannot get success without earning good people in life, and even if you do…that sort of success will be short-lived.

(6)Do you have any messages for your fans? Please tell.

Ans: I would like to say that I have been much appreciated and my work liked, I am blessed to be loved and liked. I will continue to work harder for more stories and that I will not fail them.

(7)What do you mean by ‘MODERN SOCIETY’? Do you believe we should be modern by all sides to develop our society? Please explain.

Ans: What we need to learn is the difference between modernisation and westernisation. Our concept of modernisation has a lot of silhouette from westernation. Not that it’s bad. But we need not adhere to it if it’s not needed in our circumstances. So, a society must be modern but it should set its own definite discourse of modernity to fit harmoniously people of diverse beliefs and practices. A modern society is the one in which it knows and sees every development around, but it filters only the information and practices which are essential and liked according to its needs.

(8) How do you get the idea of characters to write a book? Are they imaginary or related to real life? Please explain.

Ans: Caricature is very complex. There is no one finite resource for it. Characters come from within your own personal hemisphere as also from the life incidents of others or from reading other fictional or nonfictional characters. Sometimes, we totally imagine a character to suit a developing plot.

(9) Would you like to tell us about your daily life? Without writing could you live for one day?

Ans: Daily life is tough. Especially when you are working and you are also a creative artist. I have a regular job which starts from 10 in the morning, by 6 I wrap up and reach home by 7 in the evening. My day starts at 8pm as it’s the time when I begin working on my manuscript or the blog story I am doing which is by the name of The Back Benchers’ Society. I usually write or when I am not writing, I edit some manuscripts which I get from other publication houses. .

(10) What do you think about the competition going on everywhere- is there going on competition going on to become a successful author? Please briefly explain.

Ans: I don’t think it’s a competition. All of us want our work to shine and be appreciated. We go through a struggle to do that. It’s just about the timing in life.

(11) If I ask you to explain your name in one sentence what will be your answer?

Ans: My name in one sentence? Diana the day dreamer.

(12) What would you say about your latest book if readers ask you why they would read your written book?

Ans: If you want to laugh, read it. If you want to cry, read it. If you want to romance, read it. If you want to fantasise, read it. If you want to love, most importantly read it. Because if you haven’t done any of these, then you haven’t lived. So, all the more why you guys need to read it.


Thank you Ms. Diana Ch. for participating in this show and give us your valuable time. Your noble thoughts which you shared in this show would be really helpful for the budding writers to be motivated and readers to know more about you. Wish you good luck for your future.


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