Welcome to my talk show. I’m Arpan Ghosh. Today Ms. Shravya Gunipudi, the author of ‘Twisted’ is along with me. She is a writer as well as a reader. She likes to review books. On the other hand she is an editor also. She is a Chartered Accountant by profession and an author by passion. Welcome Ms. Shravya Gunipudi in this show. Let’s start a chat.

(1)Tell me about your journey from a normal person to an author.

A – When I was nine years old. Not many people know this phase in my life but that was whenwriting became my solace. What started as an article in The Deccan Chronicle has now come this far over the years. I feel blessed.

(2)What is your latest book? Please explain briefly about main characters of that book. Does that book carry any message to the society? If yes what is this?

A – My latest book is called ‘Twisted’. The main character of this book is Ria, who suffers from partial memory loss.It turns her life upside down and it is up to her to regain her memories. The message, I suppose, is to embrace your individuality and your pain, to be aware of and watchful about mental disorders and to not take a person’s trauma lightly.

(3)How do you take criticism from your critics? Is criticism helpful for you?

A – When you expose yourself to a field such as this one, you need to understand that criticism will be a part of it. I have learnt to segregate this into two parts. Constructive and Destructive. When I receive constructive criticism, I grow from it. When it is destructive, I ask that person to point out how I can learn. But when the criticism continues to be vague and pointless, then I just ignore it. That’s all one can do, I suppose.

(4)What do you say to the budding writers for the betterment of their writing?

A – One thing I’ve noticed, given that I am a book reviewer and editor as well, is that it isn’t enough to have something to say, it is very important to know how to say it. Grammar comes first. Expressions, sentence constructions, catchy one liner, depth, character portrayals… they are vital elements. My sincere advice for budding writers is to follow each one carefully. Your words should be a representation of your soul.

(5)What is ‘SUCCESS’ according to you? Do you believe in luck? Please explain.

A – Success, in my opinion, is having the opportunity to look back at your life and say, “I’ve come a long way.” As for your next question, I have just one answer. You could be an excellent writer and still not become famous or your writing skills could be terribly poor and you would still reach the top. The difference between both is luck.

(6)Do you have any messages for your fans? Please tell.

A – Never give up. If I could list out all the times I almost gave up, that in itself would make a whole book. But I didn’t, I never will and I don’t want you to either.

(7)What do you mean by ‘MODERN SOCIETY’? Do you believe we should be modern by all sides to develop our society? Please explain.

A – In my opinion, a modern society is one that lives with an open mind. I have multiple reservations about the way I live but I would never impose those on another human being. That, I believe, is what being modern is about. Societal development is about accepting others as one’s own. I think what really separates us is not caste, religion or gender, but rather, our own minds. So, yes, that should change.

(8) How do you get the idea of characters to write a book? Are they imaginary or related to real life? Please explain.

A –The characters are fiction but the instances are real.

(9) Would you like to tell us about your daily life? Without writing could you live for one day?

A – Every single day of my life is a race and I love it. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and that means late nights almost all the time. I sleep less to accommodate my novels, my blog and my review work.

I get writer’s block at times, so, yes, I can live without writing for a day. But no matter what, my mind is always running with ideas. I may not be putting pen to paper or typing, but my mind is always planning what to write next.

(10) What do you think about the competition going on everywhere- is there going on competition going on to become a successful author? Please briefly explain.

A –Competition, for me, is within myself. I don’t compete with others. I just try to become better than who I was. One great thing about this field is that there isn’t just one spot at the top. There are unlimited. You need to get there regardless of who is in the run.

(11) If I ask you to explain your name in one sentence what will be your answer?

A – Shravya means melodious and it is exactly what I am not.😛

(12) What would you say about your latest book if readers ask you why they would read your written book?

A – Because it will keep you hooked from the first page till the last.


Thank you Ms. Shravya Gunipudi for participating in this show. Thank you so much for providing us your valuable time. Your noble thoughts will help and motivate aspiring authors. Wish you best of luck for your future.


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