Welcome to my talk show. I’m Arpan Ghosh. Today Mr. Arpit Agrawal , the author of ‘Take My Heart, Forever’ is along with me in this show. Rainy season is coming to create an empire

all over India. We should welcome Rainy Season. Hope you all have enjoyed your vacation. Now it’s time for coming back to our regular works. So, enjoy the new upcoming season as well as this show. Thank you Mr. Arpit Agrawal for participating in this show. We’re happy to have you among us. Now let’s start a chat.

(1)How do you write? Long hand, type writer or computer.

ð  My handwriting is awful but I can type really fast, so I write inmy laptop.

In fact there is a funny incident, once a girl gifted me a pen and a diary; when I asked why, she said because I am a writer.

I said, ‘I always write in a computer, why don’t you gift me a computer too!’

(2)When do you write?

ð  I usually write after 12 PM at night, when everyone else at my home is sleeping.

It isn’t easy to cope time for writing along with other job. There are many nights when I didn’t sleep and continued to write the whole night. There are scenes in my book which I have written at 3-4 AM.

But I enjoy every bit of it. Had I take it as work, I wouldn’t be able to do it. If there is something you adore with all your heart, you can easily take out time for it. It is all about preferences in life.

(3)Where do your ideas come from?

=>  Ideas can come from anywhere.When I am travelling, watching TV, or doing anything else my sub-conscious brain is actually collecting matter for my writing.

(4)When have you been most satisfied in your life?

ð  Once I wrote an article for a newspaper with the message that we should not elope with our lovers, we should peacefully convince our parents for marriage instead.

I got email from a girl saying, she was planning to elope with her boyfriend, but she changed her mind after reading my article published in the Newspaper.

Once a school student wrote me how he dropped his plan of suicide after reading my article on suicide attempts of students who flunk in examinations.

When I get emails like these from my readers, I feel satisfied.

I am blessed that I am able to do good to the society with my pen.

(5)When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

ð  I accidently turned out to be a writer.

When I was in college, out of the blue, I wrote a small piece for my college-magazine. It was cherished by many. ‘I must do big’ I thought and approached an English Newspaper. They willingly published my articles and I got emails of readers from all over the State. I looked into the bigger picture and approached a National Magazine – ‘The Teenager Today’, they loved my stories too and it gave me a monthly readership of almost 4,00,000 readers across the Nation.

‘I must do big’ I thought again and hence, I got published through my debut novel in the year 2013 called ‘Dear life, get well soon…’

Isn’t it a nature’s clue for me to write further? And hence I wrote my second book ‘Take my heart, forever’.

So, the moral is never settling after you get success in life, no matter how small or how big the success is. Like when I wrote a ‘500 words’ article for the college magazine, I could have stopped there, but I caught nature’s clue and started working on it even more.

You can get a small success by luck or because of lack of competition, but to make it large is your responsibility. You yourself have to dig out the talent hidden inside you; you can’t hire men for doing that. And trust me, you definitely have one. (At least one)

(6)How long does it take you to write a book?

=> It takes me two to three years to write a book.

(7)When did you write your first book and how old were you?


=> My first book is – Dear life, get well soon… I was 21 years old when I started writing my first book.

(8)What do you like to do when you are not writing?

=> I watch stand-up comedy shows in YouTube.

(9)What does your family think of your writings?

=> I am a Software Engineer by profession and I am running a start-up company, which is the reason my parents don’t freak out about my writing. Otherwise it is really tough to explain why I should do something less secure and with negligible income.

(10)What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

=> I guess the most surprising fact that I learned about myself was I had more patience than I ever thought I have. To develop a single story for more than two years isn’t easy.

(11)How many books have you written till now? Which is your favourite?

=> Till now I have written two books, and my favourite is, ‘Take my heart, forever… which is my second book, because while writing it I was already a published author. I knew there is already a reader base waiting for my book.

(12)Do you have any suggestion to help me become a better writer? If so what are they?

=> Always write what you actually want to read. Every character should be well defined. Reader should be able to differentiate between good and bad.

(13)As a child what did you want to do when you grew up?

ð  The primary goal of my life is, if someone searches my name in Google, it should show the result. And yes, it shows if you search about my books.

I always wanted to become famous. And there is nothing evil in wannabe famous as long as it is for right reasons.

(14)Which writers or authors inspire you?

ð  I like ChetanBhagat for his simplicity in writing. He built a platform for numerous authors in India.

(I wish if someone will answer this question as ‘ArpitAgrawal’ someday.)

(15)What do you think about your writing carrier?

=> I wish I could, but I don’t think I am there yet. Besides, my company is running well which I never want to quit.

(16)Would you like to speak something about your recent book which has been published recently?  On what topic this book is based?


ð  It is a remarkable story in which the biggest lawyer in the country files a PIL which brings a revolutionary law.

I can promise a lot of goose-bumps, tears, and smiles when you read this story. (There should be a movie based on my book.)

This is the blurb of the book: –

“Meet Siddhartha, a good lawyer but a bad human.

Meet Rahul, a good human but a bad doctor.

And meet Shuchi, a good human and an exceptionally well doctor.

Shuchi tries to make a good human out of Siddhartha and a good doctor out of Rahul, but a bomb blast transforms their lives.

Read this revolutionary tale to know how Siddhartha will get a unique PIL passed in the courtroom and Rahul will perform a life changing surgery, to save the girl they love.”

These are few links which readers can visit: –

Take my heart, forever –

Both the books Combo –

Dear life, get well soon –

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Read it for free with these links:-

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(17)If I ask you why I should read your written book what you are going to say as reasons?

=> If you want to read a book full of content, emotions, fun, you should surely read my book.

(18)Does your book carry any message for the society?

ð  Yes, my writing always carries a message. I am a Bollywood freak and Raj Kumar Hirani is my favourite film maker.There is always a diverse charm in his movies. He entertains us and also gives a strong social message at the same time. (His movies are – MunnaBhai MBBS,3 idiots and PK etc.)

I also try to write the same way, entertaining and yet so inspiring.

(19)Do you have any message for the budding writers?

ð  My message is, to accept the fact that rejection is just a part of life, not the whole of it.


If you write a manuscript and a publisher rejects it, it means that there is a scope of improvement in it.

And you are lucky that you come to know about it before the book goes to actual readers.

For my first book ‘Dear life, get well soon…’ I had to approach ten different publishers before it published.

Write what you actually want to read. Be obsessed with your work; don’t take feedback from lots of people. Trust yourself. Be crazy about your idea.

Don’t wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don’t…

(25) What is success according to you?

ð  If you are healthy and happy, if people around you love you, if you are able to spent time with your family, you are successful.

(26) What is your view about this modern society? What do you mean by ‘modern’?

=> According to me, modern means, optimum use of resources and technology.

(27) Do you believe in ‘God’? If I ask you to define ‘God’ what do you say?

ð  Yes I do. I always believe that miracles happen in life. God is a reference point created by humans to promote good deeds.

(28) Do you want to say anything to your audiences?

ð  Yes, I would like to say, try to turn your hobby into your career but get security first.

Let me put it in this way, if you are born in an Indian middle class family; you can’t afford to chase your dreams.

You have to first get security in life that even if your hobby does not work, you can carry yourself. At the same time not letting your dreams die is essential. Keep your hobby alive inside you, get a secure job and then see up to what level you can go with your hobby.

Never kick any opportunity that comes to your doorsteps. For example, if you are good in writing and you have decided to become a full time writer. And at the same time there is campus placement at your college.

Don’t say that you don’t want a job because your ultimate goal is to be a writer. Take the job; get security in life, at least for your parents (You have to live your parent’s dreams too, as living only your dreams is just too selfish. Your parents always want you to be secured) and then chase your dreams.

In that way even if you don’t get immediate success, you will have time and money for your hobby.

(29) At last, how to become a man with humanity and morality?


ð  By reading good books, spending time with your grand-parents, listening to their life experiences, by believing in Karma.

Thank you Mr. Arpit Agrawal for giving us your valuable time and sharing your noble thoughts to us. Wish you best  of luck for your future. I would like to request to all readers to read his books and get back your your views to encourage him to write more for us.


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