Book Review: Undying Affinity By Sara Naveed

Book Name – Undying Affinity

Author – Sara Naveed

Publisher – India Penguin

Publication Date – 6 Dec 2017

Language – English

Book Length – 256



The cover is so attractive to catch people’s eyes. The cover designer has done a great job by creating such kind of cover. It defines the story must be a love story. one can guess it easily by observing the cover. In cover, there are two human beings(one boy and one girl) standing face to face seems they are going to kiss each other and there is an umbrella shaped structure covering them and in the bottom of the cover there are buildings look like Masjid.



The title is catchy that can help authoress to capture attention of readers to this book. It defines there is such kind of love story that never breaks even after death. After analysing the title readers can understand it is a romantic story that can touch anyone’s heart.



The blurb portion has been written well and edited too. It is enough to figure out the main protagonists and plot of the story inside the book. It is short but nice. After reading the blurb portion no one can stop himself from reading this book. He or she will jump over the book after understanding the blurb portion.



This is a story containing romance, friendship, family-relationship, drama and tragedy. Moreover it is a sweet love story of Ahmar and Zarish. Authoress has done a great job by creating such kind of story. It can melt any readers’ heart. It can touch any readers’ heart. Authoress has penned down the plot wonderfully. Characters are characterized well here. Moreover , while reading the story you can figure out yourself as one of the main protagonists. Authoress has used lucid language so that one can understand the meaning of this story very much. The content has been edited and narrated well. Readers can satisfy yourselves after reading this story.

This story teaches us that true love never dies. It might vanish, but it will always find its way back.

Overall Ratings – 5/5.



True love never dies. It might vanish, but if it is true, it will always find its way back
Twenty-two-year-old Zarish has everything in life she could ever ask for. She is rich, beautiful and popular. She and Haroon, her handsome childhood sweetheart, are inseparable until a new finance professor joins their university-Ahmar Muraad. Every girl in the university has eyes for him. He is attractive, charming and intellectual. Even Zarish is drawn by his suave personality.
But would he ever be interested in her?
Caught in a web of passion, little does Zarish know that one individual can completely change her perspective towards life.
Packed with romance, drama and tragedy, Undying Affinity will stay in your heart forever.


About the Author

Sara Naveed is the author of Our Story Ends Here. After spending her early years in Sharjah, UAE, she returned to Pakistan to resume her studies. She completed a degree in banking and finance, and now works at a software firm as the content head. She resides with her family in Lahore.
You can follow Sara on Twitter  and Instagram Instagram, or get in touch with her through her Facebook Page.


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