Book Review: I Wear The Smile You Gave By Shweta Shah

Book Name – I wear the smile you gave

Author – Shweta Shah

Publisher – Blue Rose Publishers

Publication Date – 4 Sept 2017

Language – English

Book Length – 204




The cover is so attractive that it can bring reader’s attention to its. It depicts it is a story related to love, romance, life and relationship. In cover photo, there are two human beings(one boy and one girl) in the top of the cover standing face to face together holding each other’s hands and in the bottom of the cover there are another two human beings seems son and his father and they are walking on a beach and father has held his son’s one hand while walking.



The title is catchy to attract the readers. After reading the title you can’t understand what is going to be happened in the story. It can be a love story or it can be a story related to a family relationship. Moreover I have confused to identify the fact inside the story in the sense of title. But whatever is there inside the book it should be related to smile and one’s happiness after the smile and maybe one’s sadness behind the smile.



The blurb portion has been written well and edited too. After reading the blurb portion one can easily understand it is a triangle love story and confusing one. After reading this romance book lovers could not wait a second to read the story.



Authoress has done a great job by creating the story. The storyline has been written and edited well. The plot has been figured out well. In fact authoress has used lucid language so that one can understand the meaning of each word. It can help readers to understand the story. The story has been narrated well. Authoress has used proper grammar and article in each sentence and sentence formation is quite good. Moreover it is a book captured with romance fiction. All romance lovers can easily like this book. As a debutante authoress has done quite well to make this book interesting. I appreciate her work. All characters are characterized well. Authoress has penned down each character so nicely.


Overall Ratings: 4/5.


About the book

Ajeet is a commoner, a boy next door who is away from the Worldliness and moreover just a happy-go-lucky guy. Aditi and Ajeet are batch mates in a Junior College and share a good chemistry. Aditi is all head over heels for Ajeet and without any hesitation, irrespective of the time and place boldly conveys her feelings for him. Ajeet was infatuated towards Aditi, however, finds his true love in Sumi whom he meets in his coaching class. Wanting to break away from the conventional norms and the shackles of a traditional familial business and to prove his worth to his dad, Ajeet joins Army. Years later a tragedy connects Ajeet, Sumi, and Aditi once again, however, changing their lives forever.


About the author

Having studied computers as the main stream of education, Shweta Shah is also

DSC_7217 (1)

a German language specialist and had been working in IT field.

Keeping the family as a priority she is now an entrepreneur who is bold and decisive enough to run her business efficiently all by herself.

She is extremely jovial and friendly.

Contact Information: Instagram







Book Reviewer – Arpan Ghosh


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