Guwahati- The Wonderful Place To Visit

Guwahati, the terms has been derived from two Assamese words “Guwa” meaning areca nut and “Haat” meaning market. The ancient name of Guwahati is Pragjyotishpura and the modern era’s name is Gauhati.


The city is situated on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River in Assam. It is the largest city of Assam and North-East India. It is known as Gateway to North-East India. You can say it is a nick name of this city, though it has other nick name too like, City of Temples and Light of the East. The city animal of Guwahati is Gangetic River Dolphin. The city carries its glory itself. It is a wonderful city that I have ever visited till now.


“There is a history behind this city. The history will take you back to thousands of years. The name of this city in notified in the ancient Hindu texts like the Puranas. Once upon a time it was the capital of many kingdoms during ancient times. If you have read Mahabharata you can recognise the city as the capital of kings Narakasura and Bhagadatta. I would like to recommend to read Ambari excavations so that you can get more information about this city. There is notified the city was under the Hindu kingdoms of Shunga-Kushana period, between the 2nd century BC and the 1st century AD. When it was named Pragjyotishpura it served as the capital of Assam under the Varman Dynasty of the Kamarupa kingdom. The city was attacked seventeen times by Mughals during Ahom Kings but Mughals were defeated by Ahoms. The city had helped in several ways during independence struggle of India. It is the place where Tarun Ram Phukan , freedom fighter was born.”


Top Five Visiting Places In Guwahati


Kamakhya Temple:Image result for guwahati visiting place

It is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kamakhaya. It is situated at western part of Guwahati city. It is one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Pithas of India. If you have visited the Guwahati city but you have forgot to visit this temple, it’s a big disappointment for you and your travel will not be fulfilled.


Image Source

Wikipedia-Kamakhya Temple

Assam State Zoo Cum Botanical Garden:Image result for Guwahati Zoo

This is a place where you can feel the beauty of nature and observe various types of animals and birds. Moreover you can enjoy your walk inside the zoo and realize the scene of green environment. The zoo is located within the Hengrabari Reserved Forest at Guwahati spreading 432 acre. Approximately 895 numbers of animals are there and 113 species are existed inside the zoo. It is established in 1958. It is the largest botanical garden in the North-East region.


Image Source



Assam State Museum:

It is located in the southern Image result for Assam State Museumend of Dighali Pukhuri tank that is in the heart of Guwahati city. It is established by the Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti in 1940. In the year of 1953, it was undertaken by the State Govt.


Image Source




Basistha Temple:Related image

It is a Hindu temple located in the southern east corner of Guwahati city. It is dedicated to a Shiva mandir constructed by Ahom King Rajeswar Singha in 1764. The atmosphere is very beautiful there. Cool running water is there. You can seat there and enjoy the environment and can play in the water. It is suitable place to do stable your mind and to stop mind from over thinking.


Image Source


Neheru Park:

It is situated right aImage result for Nehru Park Pan Bazaarcross the Cotton College in Guwahati. It is an attractive place to visit. Almost all tourists who come to visit Guwahati city visit this park. You can relax here by seating and enjoying the beauty of this park.


Image Source




There are other places to visit in Guwahati city like Balaji Temple, The Regional Science Centre, Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra, Umananda Temple and Umananda Island etc.


“Now I want to conclude this travel blog by saying that I enjoyed there a lot while traveling, observing new things and feeling the environment. I would like to suggest my readers if you can please visit to Guwahati city for once. It is a wonderful place to calm your mind too. May be you can find out the meaning of life there.”




History Of Guwahati


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