Book Review : Slip By Victoria Browne

Book Name – Slip

Author – Victoria Browne

Slip by [Browne, Victoria]

Publisher – Neville House Publishing

Language – English

Pages – 56

Format – E-Book (E-Pub)


A Short Story.

When Emily visits a nursing home on behalf of her employer, she doesn’t expect her life to change forever, but it does. She has a small accident when she arrives, leading her to new friendships, reconciliation, and the answers to questions she hasn’t even asked. Her moment of carelessness becomes a gift from the other side.

Loosely based on the true story of two sisters who let time slip away from them, this touching tale shows how unspoken emotions can push away those closest to us—and how important it is to reconnect before it’s too late.

My Reviews:-

At first I would like to thank the authoress, Ms. Victoria Browne who is my one of good friends whom I have met through social media, for providing me an opportunity to read her book and share a review on it.

The title of this book is outstanding. One cannot understand easily what is going to be happened inside the book after reading the title. But when you read the story you can get the idea of why the title has been kept “Slip”. I appreciate the thought behind the creation of this title.

On the other hand, the cover is really heart touchable. One can fall in love with this cover of this book. It was amazing. What an idea! In the cover, there is focused a girl’s face that is captured in a door where is written 111 at the top of it. Reader can get an idea after analysing the cover that this door of this particular number might create an important role in that lady’s life.

What a story it is! I have no words to describe it. It is an outstanding work by this authoress. The story has been penned down very carefully so that readers can enjoy while reading it. It is suspense horror story. a kind of thrilling is also there. The main protagonist, Emily slips while rushing through a door and mops the floor and from there the story starts. A room in an nursing home is centered in this story. The number of that room is 111 and an old woman used to stay there in the room. If you want to know the old woman is dead or alive you must have to read the story. After slipping Emily is kept in that hospital, during that time period there has been happened many impossible things. If you want to know are those unnatural incidents nothing but dreams of Emily or anything else you have to read this book. All characters are characterized well here. Moreover, the story has been narrated well. This story leaves a message for the society. If you want to know what the message is you have to read this story.

Overall Ratings – 5/5


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