Book Review: In Defense Of Innocence By Dave Wickenden

Book Name – In Defense Of Innocence

Author – Dave Wickenden

Publisher – Crave Press

Total pages – 312

Format – E-Book



In Defense of Innocence follows Janice Williams, head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Child Sex Crimes Division, as she hunts child abusers only to be beaten to their capture by a vigilante who avenges the harms done to these innocent children. When Janice uncovers the identity of the vigilante, she is faced with the dilemma to do her job to uphold the law or help this person escape a nation-wide manhunt.


My Review:-

The title of this book is so genuine. It is taken wisely as title. Behind the creation of this title, there must be a mastermind who has thought deeply to make it as the title. The title speaks everything if one notices it very calmly. It carries its own meaning. Any title should be like this to catch reader’s attention. Dave Wickenden has done a great job while keeping such kind of title for this book. I appreciate his thought. The cover of this book has been made with the help of very deep thoughts. in cover, there is focused two toys of children and the rest portion of the cover has been kept black in color.

The story has been written wonderfully. It has been narrated and edited well. The author has used lucid language so that one can understand the fact of this story. The motive of the author is to make people aware of such kind of criminal activities happening in Canada and bring a change over it. There is mentioned in this book-in Canada, child abuse and child pornography are taking place as top level crime. But the government is not doing needful help to decrease such kind of criminal activities. Even indigenous women are in danger in Canada as mentioned in this book. They are being killed and kidnapped there. Canada government is not taking an effective role to protect all these and to protect the glory of the nation to all over the world. I must say the author has done a tremendous job by creating this story. One from Canada can learn a lesson from this book. This book contains an inspirational and informative message to the society.

Overall Ratings:- 5/5


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