Book Review: That’s A Heart: Handle With Care By Priyanka Bansal

Book Name – That’s A Heart: Handle With Care

That's a Heart: Handle with care by [Bansal, Priyanka]

Author – Priyanka Bansal

Format – Kindle

Pages – 90

Language – English

Product Description

This book belongs to anyone and everyone who once craved for love or is in love. In the
form of stories,a short message is here for you all not to take too much time to express
your heart.

Be it about the story of young couple Dhruv and Rinni or about the old couple of Jyoti and
her husband, you would find each story is of the next door person who is trying to find and
stay in love amidst life chaos.

I guess this would be the first book where you won’t find any descriptions of khol eyes or
denim jeans with short top!Love demands practicality. It requires vision and visionaries on
both its sides. You need to choose men over boys, women over girls.You need to realize a
person who fails to bring flowers on Valentine’s Day but takes care of groceries each day is
worth being with. A girl who doesn’t demand any gifts but asks to save is the one to be with.

My Review:-

The title is wonderfully chosen. It has a deep meaning. It speaks itself. It defines if you have a heart it should be taken care and the heart is the most valuable part of us. While choosing such kind of title one has to feel it and has to be drowned in deep thoughts. The cover is attractive one. It can bring attention of reader’s eyes to its. In cover, there is a letter box from where a heart signed letter or white paper is coming out. The cover has been made keeping similarity to the title. I appreciate this thought.

The book consists of eight short stories. All are depicted wonderfully. All characters are characterized well. The authoress has narrated all stories wisely. There are some errors like grammatical mistakes and punctuation mistakes in this book. Apart from these errors, all stories are meaningful. The errors can be overlooked. I like the way how she has narrated all short stories. Each story carries a message. All stories are mainly related to our society, our day to day life, young generation and love life. You can learn some lessons from this book. Moreover this book can inspire you.

Overall Ratings – 4/5.


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