Book Review: Where’s The Good In A Goodbye By Ravi Shirurkar

Book Name – Where’s the good in a goodbye

Author – Ravi Shirurkar

Format – Kindle

Language – English



‘Where’s the good in a Goodbye’ is fastest selling inspirational romance novel celebrated by book lovers with average rating of 4.8 stars!

This novel has not only inspired people to believe in true love, their dreams but characters from the novel have transformed people by showing exactly how to achieve them!


ARJUN: An ordinary Indian boy earns a name for himself as an entrepreneur in a foreign land. It’s his story of struggle to build a business and win over heart of girl he madly loves.
EVA: A beauteous daughter of a powerful politician falls for emotionally unavailable men. Will her heart open up when true love knocks at her life?
SARA: ‘A daughter of light’ from Pakistan, held captive for years in a ‘box’. This is her story of escape from horrific situation to a worthy life of freedom. Absolutely moving!
JESPER: A British musician was raised without parents. A drug addict Casanova has a tough choice to make – give up one among the two – his dream or his love.

An emotional roller-coaster ride begins when four people of different nationalities study together in a prestigious college in London!



My Review:-

The title is very attractive that it can catch reader’s attention to this book easily. It has a deep inner meaning. It defines if someone says goodbye or someone is taking leave from your life, it is happening for a good reason. The title has been wisely chosen. For the selection of this title there must be worked a mastermind. The cover is colourful. It has been matched with the title. In cover, there is a woman falling from somewhere down to the field and one hand probably it is a man’s hand trying to protect her. After analysing the cover and the meaning of title one can understand easily what is going to be happened inside the book.

The story has been written very well. Author has thought so deeply while creating this story. He has penned down so nicely. The story has been edited and narrated well. Author has used lucid language so that one can understand the meaning of this story. I appreciate his thought. He has tried to make this story beautiful and interesting to read and he has succeeded. He has done a great job by gifting us such kind of story that can motivate us and teach a lesson to us. Moreover, it is an inspirational romantic story that can touch your heart itself.



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