Book Review: The Coin By Sandeep Sharma

Book Name – The Coin

Author – Sandeep Sharma

Publisher – Redgrab Books & Anybook

Publication Date – 25 Apr 2018

Language – English

Pages – 164


My Review:-

The title has been chosen very wisely. A depth mind has been worked behind it. I liked the title very much. It relates to the content. The cover has been designed so well. It has been made by matching with the title of this book. In the cover, a one sided coin has been reflected and the half portion of the coin is blooded, some drops of blood from the coin’s body undergo to a grassy field. The cover is so attractive. It can catch reader’s attention easily. After that I read the blurb portion. It has been written very well. It is short and well enough to understand about the content.

After analysing the title, the cover and the blurb portion, readers can get an idea that the story is centred with a one sided coin and it is a crime thriller.

The story has been written very well by the author. I like the way how the author has described all scenes like an outstanding story-teller. I like the style how he has written the plots. Though there are some typing errors in this book. But it’s negligible. It is an amazing story what the author has penned down. I have read some crime thrilled books but this book carries an exceptional character from other books what takes it to a highest peak is it gives a message to the society. The message is what if you want to know then you have to read this book.

The characters that have been introduced by the author in this book have been plotted well. Author has done a great job by describing each character so nicely. Moreover, I would like to recommend this book to the film directors to have a look on it as it has all eligibilities to become a film.



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