Book Review: Let The Ugly Bird Fly By Manesh Mrinmay


Author – Manesh Mrinmay

Publisher – Indra Publishing House

Publishing date – 1 January 2018

Language – English

Format – Paperback

Number of pages – 163

Genre – Fiction

ISBN 10 – 9386303701

ISBN 13 – 978-9386303707
The title is amazing. It is so

meaningful. A master mind has been worked while creating this title. I appreciate it.
The cover is also interesting. It is attractive too. It can easily catch reader’s eyes. In the cover, a bird is flying and a boy seems to watch the bird by standing down to earth.
What I like :
1) I think the cover is related to the story.
2) The title speaks itself the moral of the story.
3)The blurb is well written and simple enough to understand about the concept of the book.
4)I like the way how the author has plotted the story.
5)The story is edited and narrated well.
6) More over I like the message what the author wants to spread through this book.
All characters are characterized well. I appreciate the thought on what author started to work on this book. I think this book should be recommended to all readers. It speaks about the caste system of India and the society of ours.
Moreover it’s a wonderful book to read.

Overall ratings – 5/5

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