Book Review : The Author By Raj Siddhi

Title – THE AUTHOR – An Unquenched Thirst Of A Passionate Reader
Author – Raj Siddhi
Publisher – Blue Rose Publishers
Publishing date – 11 April 2018
Language – English
Format – Paperback
Number of pages – 177
Genre – Fiction
ISBN 13 – 978-9387923300
Translated by – Ashish Anandam
Price – 179 INR

The title and the sub title are interesting. They’re so catchy and relevant to the content of the book. It can attract the readers to read the book.
The cover seems revealing the story. The cover has been made by matching with the title and the content. In the cover, there is a person who is walking alone in the foot path at night and the darkness is covered in everywhere but a light post seems spreading light and trying to clear the darkness.
What I like in the book:-
1) The cover and the title can catch reader’s attention to its.
2) Author has portrayed all characters very well.
3)Author has used lucid language so that one can understand the meaning of each word easily.
The story has been edited and narrated well. A beautiful love story is waiting for you in this book who has not read the book yet. This book is a wonderful package of romance and relationship. It is recommended to all romance book lovers.

Overall Ratings – 5/5

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