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Product description

Product Description

This is an E-Magazine based on startup stories and interviews of entrepreneurs. This ebook contains four stories of startups and two interviews of entrepreneurs. This is the first edition of this E-Magazine that can change your thinking style. It carries a message to the society that nothing is impossible if you have the potential to do something new.


“This is a fine collection of success stories centered in India, perhaps the coming superpower of the 21st century.”
—-Will Mayo(Author from Hagerstown, MD)

” This book is highly recommended to all the young ambitious entrepreneurs and to everyone looking forward to do something by their own. This book will guide them and will inspire them towards a right ways to fulfill their dreams.”
—-Subhajit Das(Amazon Reviewer)

” Unique and interesting. It was very informative. I liked that author has chosen, such simple people to write about. I liked it how he tried to put light on them , their hard work and success.Read it to inspire yourself. Nothing is impossible. You need to believe in yourself and work hard to make your dreams come true.”
—-Rida Mohammadi(Amazon Reviewer)
“I actively read all the Stories, All the Stories had 1 message common to all, “Life is short, start your Preneur now, Now is the time, live your dream to the fullest.”—-Mohit Goyal(Amazon Reviewer)

“I found this magazine via instagram and i’m glad I did. Very interesting to read the stories/interviews of the start up companies featured. Very inspiring and insightful.”—-Victoria Browne(Author, Los Angeles)

Product Description

“Glimpse Of Life” is a book that will lead you to different phases of life like love, betrayal, suspense and emotion that we are made up of. Moreover it’s a book containing six amazing short stories that will help you to understand the importance of life. The topsy-turvy curves of the book will engross you and welcome you in a new world of life with each chapter.
“Glimpse Of Life” says, “Life is a one way high road where you can see back but you cannot go back. So enjoy each and every moment of life.”
If you want to realize some real facts of life you have to read this book as soon as possible.